Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Special Content Sources

There are several new content sources that can be used for Slider Revolution.
These include Instragram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

  • Important Article Note!
    Since the setup for each of these special content sources is all very similar, in the beginning of this article, we'll walk through a single, general example, and then toward the end, discuss the different specific settings for each source.

1. Select a Source


2. Fill out the Source's Settings

Most of the special sources require some type of ID / additional data.  Use the linked resources  (circles in red in example below) to learn how you can retrieve this special information.


3. Select "Stream Image" or "Stream Video", depending on your special source.

  • Quick Note:
    A "slide" for a "special content source slider" is a template that will be used for how the content will be displayed. Only one template is required, meaning only one "slide" needs to be setup.

4. Add some Text/HTML Layers to pull in special content

4.1 Then click the "Edit Meta" icon for the layer, and choose one of the listed options that can be pulled in for the special content source.
4.2 Next, style the layer as you would a regular text field, and then save the current slide.

Specific settings for each content source
Refer to sections #1-2 above for where these settings can be found.

  • 1. Slides (max 500) - Choose the number of items to pull in from your content source.
  • 2. Cache (sec) - A cache of 1200 (20 minutes) would allow your pages to load faster, as the Instagram API would only be called for your site every 20 minutes.
  • 3. Flickr API Key - Click here to learn how you can get your API Key
  • 4. Source - Choose the Flickr Source:
    • 5.1 User Public Photos - Requires Flickr User URL
    • 5.2 User Photoset - Requires Flickr User URL + Photoset Selection
    • 5.3 Gallery - Requires Flickr Gallery URL
    • 5.4 Group Photos - Requires Flickr Group URL