Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Performance & SEO Optimization


In this section you can choose from multiple Lazy Loading options to help speed up the slider’s initial loading, and also evaluate your slider’s overall file-size footprint, which is helpful for making sure all of your images are reasonably sized for web.


Load all images in the slider after the page initially loads, ensuring no delays between slide content when switching between slides.

Best for sliders with advanced navigation such as thumbnails, bullets and tabs.


Load images from the very first slide after the page initially loads, and also preload images from neighboring slides.  For example, when the slider first loads, the 2nd slide will be preloaded in anticipation of the slider changing.  And then once the 2nd slide is viewed, the 3rd slide would then be preloaded, and so on.

A great option for sliders that only contain basic navigation, where progression is always “next” or “previous”.


Always load slide content “on demand”.  Meaning only the first slide will be initially loaded, and subsequent slides will only be loaded when it’s their turn to be shown in the slider.

No Lazy Loading:

All content will be loaded when the page first loads.  Often ok for sliders with minimal content.  Not recommended for sliders with lots of slides and/or content.

The green bar shown in the screenshot to the right is a general evaluation based on your LazyLoad choice, and the average image sizes you’re using in the slider.

Toggle between the LazyLoad options to see the estimated Load Speed between common internet speeds such as DSL, Cable (T1), etc.

Show Full Statistics:

View a detailed listing of Image Performance, Google Fonts, etc.

Show All Issues:

View items that could be slowing down your slider.

In the example screenshot to the right, the background image being used for the first slide is 1.7mb, which is much larger than it should be for web.

Reducing the file size for this image in Photoshop (using the Save for Web option) to a more reasonable size such as 300kb or lower will dramatically improve the slider’s performance.