Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Import / Export / Replace


Overwrite current slider settings and slides with those from the imported slider zip.


Select the slider import zip from your computer.

Custom Animations / Static Styles


Overwrite previous styles and animations with those from the imported slider.


Preserve previous styles and custom animations (usually the best option).

Export the current slider, creates a “zip” file that can be saved to your computer for later usage (i.e. “imported” to a different website).

Image URL’s in your sliders are stored as absolute urls, so if you’re moving your site from one domain to another (such as localhost to a live site), this tool can be used to update urls for the slider’s images with the new site’s domain name.

Replace From:

The base url from the old site’s domain.

Replace To:

The base url of the new site’s domain.