Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Add-On: Polyfold Scroll Effect


Install & Activate the Add-On

Setup/Configure the Polyfold Edges

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Step 1: Visit the Slider Settings
Step 2: Enable Polyfold Edges for the top and/or bottom of your Slider
Step 3: Choose your Settings
  1. Page Background Color
    The selected color should match your web page's background color.
  2. Draw on Scroll
    Draw the edges as the slider is scrolled into and out of view.
  3. Drawing Range
    Calculate angles based on the Slider's position within the window compared to the overall Slider height or the overall Window height.
  4. Use Transition
    Animate the edges as the page is scrolled.
  5. Inverted Scroll
    Reverse the drawing as the page is scrolled.
  6. Left Edge Width
    How long the edge should span across the slider (0-100%).
  7. Right Edge Width
    How long the edge should span across the slider (0-100%).
  8. Default Height
    The default height in pixels for the edges.
  9. Responsive Height
    Dynamically adjust the Polyfold Height as the slider is resized.
  10. Inverted Angles
    Draw the edges in the opposite direction.
  11. Draw Edges from
    The starting point from where the drawing begins.
  12. Draw the Edges
    z-index positioning for what level the edges should be drawn at.
  13. Disable on Mobile
    Disable the Polyfold Effect on Mobile Devices.