Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Audio Layers

1. Add an Audio Layer to the stage

2. Choose your Audio File

3. Select your Audio Settings

Loop: Always replay the song when it ends.

Autoplay: Play the song without any type of user-interaction needed (not applicable for mobile devices, most mobile devices do not allow for media autoplay).

Stop other Media: Pause all other video and audio in the current slide.

Next Slide on End: Automatically navigate to the next slide when the song ends.

Rewind at Slide Start: Always replay the song from the very beginning when the slide becomes visible again.

Hide Controls: Choose to disable the HTML5 Audio controls.

Volume: Set the volume for the song (a number between 0-100)

Segment Start: Start the song at a specific time

Segment End: End the song at a specific time

Invisible on Frontend: Play the audio in the background

Audio Preload:

  • Metadata: Only load the audio file’s meta data when the page loads (usually the best choice for songs that are NOT set to autoplay)
  • Progress: Play the song as soon as downloading begins
  • Can Play: Play the song as soon as the first chunk has loaded (usually the best choice for songs that are set to autoplay)
  • Can Play Through: Only start the song when the entire song has fully downloaded.

Ignore Preload After: Play the song regardless of the desired preload setting after a certain amount of seconds have elapsed.