Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Layer Templates

Predefined Layer Style Templates
Choose predefined styles for your Layer Text, or save your current Layer's styles for later usage.

When styling your layer, choose from one of the 100+ styles that’s closest to your desired styling. Then this will act as a “preset” of styles that can be further adjusted with the WYSIWYG editor.

When editing your layers, you’ll start of with a predefined layer style. And additional settings adjustments you make will only be applied to the current layer.

However, once you’ve made adjustments for a specific layer, you can save your adjustments as a new “predefined” layer style to use for additional layers.

1. Save: Override the current preset style with your layer’s current settings (original predefined style will be permanently modified).

2. Save As: Create a new preset style based on the current layer settings (original predefined style will not be overridden).

3. Rename: Change the title of the currently selected preset style for your own convenience.

4. Reset: Revert currently adjusted settings to the predefined layer styles original settings.

5. Delete: Permanently delete the current predefined layer style (can not be undone!).