Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Slide General Settings

1. Slide "Delay"

Override the Default Slide Duration for this one individual slide.

This number also represents the duration of the slide’s layer animation timeline.

2. Pause Slider

Choose to pause the slider’s progress when the slide is reached.  Similar to the Stop Slider After -> At Slide option, but added as an individual slide option for the possibility to apply the option to more than one slide.

3. Slide in Navigation (invisible)

This option allows for “wildcard” slides, which is essentially a slide that wouldn’t be in the slider’s normal rotation.  A “wildcard” slide can be shown by adding an Action to a Layer Element.

4. Slide State

Similarly to a traditional Magento post, choose whether or not the individual slide should be officially “Published” or not.

If “Unpublished”, the slide will still exist in the backend, but will be excluded when the slider is shown on the frontend of your site.

5. Hide Slide After Loop

Choose if the slide should be hidden after a certain amount of loops. For example, the slide could be shown initially, and then once the slider has looped through all the slides, the slide could be hidden on the second time around.

6. Hide Slide On Mobile

Choose if the slide should be hidden on mobile devices.  This option could be used to “minify” your sliders on mobile devices (where 5 slides is probably a more effective presentation for mobile than 10, etc.).

7-8. Visible From / Visible Until

Normally the slide will always be visible by default.  But you can choose specific dates to enable/disable the slide.

Clicking one these fields will show a calendar popup where you can choose a date for each option.