Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Rows and Columns

Introducing Enhanced Layouts with new the 5.3 update's Rows & Columns

1. Add Rows & Columns

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The following set of screenshots covers each step to recreate the example above.

2. Positioning & Styling

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Rows can be positioned at the top, middle or bottom of the slide.
Select the Row's "drop" icon to apply styling such as backgrounds, margin/padding and borders.
Select a column from the Row/Column/Layer Selector to apply styling to an individual Column.

3. Animation & Device Visibility

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Rows and Columns inherit many of the same options as individual Layers.  This allows you to apply an animation to an entire Row or Column, and also choose if that Row or Column should be visible on any given device size.

To apply a setting to a Row or Column, select it from the Row/Column/Layer Selector: