Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Right Click Menus

Streamline your slider building process with new context menus, available from version 5.3+

1. Editing Stage Menu

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2. Content Layer Menu

2.1 General Options
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Right-click a Layer and make a duplicate of it
Or right-click any Layer to quickly delete it
Hide a Layer's visibility

.. for stage editing purposes only

Lock a Layer's position

.. to prevent it from being moved on the editing stage

2.2 Copy/Paste Styles between Layers
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2.3 Layer Responsiveness
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Layer Responsiveness Options:
  1. Alignment: Align the Layer to the Layers Grid or to the entire Slider space.
  2. Auto Responsive: Choose to make the layer responsive by default (layer will resize when slider resizes).
  3. Child Elements Responsive: Resize all nested HTML content for HTML/Text Layers.
  4. Responsive Offset: Adjust the Layers' offset position when the slider is resized.
2.4 Adjust a Layer's device visibility settings
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