Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Add-On: Panorama


Install & Activate the Add-On

All Add-Ons are installed/activated the same.  Click the link below for instructions:


Setup/Configure the Panorama Defaults

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The default settings are what will be used for the individual slides until they are edited further.  Hover your mouse over each option for additional information.

Upload/Add your Panoramic Image

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Panoramic images should be sized by the “power of 2”.  Examples of this are “2×2”, “16×16”, “32×32” & “64×64”, etc.  The recommend image size of 4096×2048 for a good balance between loading time and quality.

Configure the Panorama Settings

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From the Slide Settings, select the Add-Ons tab
Next, select the settings to use for the Panorama

Select between the different “Interaction” options to explore the many ways movement can take place.  And enable “Zoom” option to scale the image in and out via mouse-wheel.

Advanced settings have been optimized for panorama and should not need to be edited.

Control the Panorama with Layers and Actions

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Full controls can be built to move and zoom the Panorama Image.  This is achieved with Layers and special Actions available for the Add-On.

Full list of Actions available to control the Panorama: