Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Add-On: Typewriter

From the Slider Revolution plugin's Add-On page, click "Install this Add-on", and then "Activate Plugin".
Then click the "How to Use" button to activate the Quick Guide slideout.

Then after enabling the Typewriter Add-On for your slider, the Default Settings can also be adjusted in the same panel.

3.1 Add a new Text/HTML Layer to the stage
  • Traditional <br> tags are supported,
    but avoid using other HTML tags as they will just get stripped out automatically.
3.2 Enable the Typewriter option for the Layer
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5. Typewriter Settings

5.1 Basic Settings
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  1. Typing Speed
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) that the characters will be “typed”
    Recommended values: 30-100
  2. Start Delay
    Useful for displaying the “blinking” cursor for a second (1000) or two before the typing actually begins.
    Special Note: Adjust the Layer’s “start time” in the slide’s timeline to decide when the Layer will first officially appear.
  3. Line Break Delay
    Add a small delay (in milliseconds) for each <br> tag included with your text. Useful for simulating real-time typing behavior.
    Note: The delay will be applied both before and after the cursor “breaks” to a new line.
5.2 Blinking Cursor
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  1. Enable/Disable Blinking Cursor
    Simulate the “typing” visually.
  2. Blinking Speed
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) that the cursor will “blink”
    Recommended Values: 500-750
  3. Cursor Type
    Display a blinking underscore of blinking vertical-bar.
  4. Hide on-complete
    Hide the Blinking Cursor once the typing sequence has officially completed
5.3 Sequenced Lines
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  1. Enable/Disable Sequenced Lines
    Additional lines can be added below the default editor as shown next to the red arrow in the screenshot above, or can also be added to individual posts for post-based sliders.
  2. Deletion Speed
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) that the text will be “deleted” in preparation for the next sequenced line.
    Recommended Values: 20-50
  3. Deletion Delay
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) before the current line begins to delete itself.
  4. New Line Delay
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) before the next line begins to “type” (after the previous line has deleted itself).
  5. Constant Loop
    Replay the sequence once the last line has been typed.
5.4 Word Delay Patterns
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  1. Enable/Disable Word Delay Patterns
    Insert delays between words to further simulate real-time typing.
  2. For every (x) words…
  3. … delay by (x) milliseconds
Word Delay Pattern formula for the example shown in the screenshot above:
  • Delay typing by 250ms after the first 2 words are typed
  • Then delay by 250ms after the next word is typed
  • Repeat the pattern

5. Sequencing/Multiline for Post-based Sliders

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The Typewriter Add-on adds "sequenced line" options to your individual posts:
To setup this option for one of your post-based sliders:
  • Follow the steps above to add the Typewriter Effect to one of you slide template’s Layers.
  • Enable the “Sequence/Multiline” option shown in #1 here.
  • Add the following shortcode as your Layer’s text:
Inside the shortcode, the "default" part can be regular text, or anything from the post-based meta:
  • The "default" is a backup option that will be used for posts
    that don't contain at least one "sequenced line" Typewriter meta.