Slider Revolution Magento 2.x Extension Documentation

Add-On: Reveal Preloaders


Install & Activate the Add-On

All Add-Ons are installed/activated the same.  Click the link below for instructions:


Enable/Configure the Add-On

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The Reveal Add-On consists of two parts: “Reveal Transitions” and “Animated Spinners”.

The “Reveal Transition” is how the slider will animate into view when it’s first viewed.  And the “Animated Spinners” are 10 additional CSS3 preloaders that extend the slider’s default spinners options.

If you would only like to use one of the new preloader spinners in the Add-On without a reveal effect, choose “None” for the “Opening Reveal” option.

If you would like to use the Reveal Effect with no special spinner preloader, choose “Default” for the “Animated Spinner” option (will use the slider’s default spinner choice instead).

  1. Enable the Add-On for the Slider
  2. Choose your reveal transition, and then choose its main color and animation settings
  3. An optional overlay that will be applied to the slider during the first reveal transition to enhance the reveal effect.  The overlay will fade out once the reveal effect starts.
  4. Optional CSS3 spinner to override the slider’s default spinner.  Choose between 10 new spinners.