Magento 2 : Product image size and other options

Magento 2 product image size and other image options are defined in <theme_dir>/etc/view.xml. Themes located in app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/ folder. But magento built-in themes can be located in vendor/magento/theme-frontend-<theme_code> when you install it from the composer repository. /etc/view.xml contains images configuration for all storefront product images and thumbnails. This file is required for a theme, but optional […]

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Magento 2 : Load Model Data By Custom Field

Magento 2 Developement

Magento 2 developments involve strong usage of models concept. Usually magento models loaded by primary field. However, if you need to load it using non-primary unique field there are several methods to do it. To illustrate examples below lets assume that we have created tables sliders with primary index slider_id and unique index alias. Model, […]

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