Theme Installation

  1. Unzip theme package
  2. Navigation into package/Theme folder
  3. Upload content of package/Theme to your magento root directory.
    • package/Theme/app >> magento_root/app
    • package/Theme/js >> magento_root/js
    • package/Theme/skin >> magento_root/skin
    • and so on…

    Cartown Theme does not overwrite any magento core files

  4. Set correct file permissions for all the theme files which you uploaded to your server.
  5. Login to magento admin panel
  6. Navigate to NWDthemes> Cartown Theme > First Time InstallScreenshot_6

    If you have enabled cache – you will see warning and there will be no install button

  7. Select Store View you wish to install theme to
  8. Check / Uncheck Install Options
  9. Press Install button