Theme Appearance

This section discusses Cartown theme Appearance. We have added a lot of options to suit all possible needs. All changes done thru admin panel. There is no need to dig the source code.

To edit theme appearance navigate to NWDthemes > Cartown Theme > Appearance

It has following sections:

  • General – define main color, main font and buttons background / text color
  • Header – header background, borders, top links, language and currency dropdowns
  • Navigation – site navigation
  • Content – content background, text and links color
  • Sidebar – sideblocks font, background and text color
  • Checkout Pages – checkout steps appearance
  • Product Slider – product slider navigation arrows
  • Product Labels – labels colors
  • Product Price – price font, color etc.
  • Pager Toolbar – product listing toolbar settings
  • Ratings – ratings stars colors
  • Product View – product details settings
  • Additional Products block – additional products block appearance
  • Footer Banners – background, font and text color of footer banners
  • Footer – background, font and text color of footer text and copyright block
  • Custom CSS – here you can add custom CSS