Plugin Global Settings

Slider Revolution comes with some “Global Settings” that will get applied to all sliders. These settings are meant to help resolve potential conflicts with themes and other plugins, and also give you some custom control of how the plugin works with your site.

Here’s a breakdown of the options listed in the Global Settings:
  1. Include RevSlider libraries globally: Enable/Disable tooltips when hovering over parts of the plugin’s admin
    • ON: Add CSS and JS Files to all pages. Always use this option if the slider has been added to a page using Shortcode or in a Widget.
    • OFF: CSS and JS Files will be only loaded on Pages specified in Pages to include RevSlider libraries option below.
  2. Pages to include RevSlider libraries: A list of page handles (separated by commas) where you’d like to include the slider’s CSS and JS. This is a good option if you’re adding sliders to your web pages via Shortcode or Widget, and want to only include the slider’s CSS and JS on pages where slider’s actually exist.
  3. Enable Markup Export option: Adds a button to the slider’s main admin listing that will allow you to export a WP slider for usage in a static HTML site. After activating this option, click “Update” and then refresh the page and you’ll see the new “Export HTML” button listed next to your slider:

  4. Enable Logs: This option is useful for developers to help output debug information when investigating how extension works