Cartown Theme comes with MegaMenu extension – WunderMenu. It allow you to modify store navigation according to your needs.

There are two main styles:

Default Dropdown


Full-width Dropdown


WunderMenu gives you ability to control dropdown style for each top level category.

  1. Log in to Magento administrator control panel.
  2. Go To Catalog > Manage Categoies
  3. On the left side is a list of categories. Select the category you wish to edit.
  4. Open WunderMenu section
  5. Edit the Options:
    1. Navigation type – Classic | Full-width – All Wundermenu options applied only for the 1st level subcategories of the root category
    2. Block status – Enable / Disable certain block
    3. Block Content – HTML | Categories List – define block content type
    4. Block HTML – Block HTML source code ( will be shown if “Block Content” = HTML )
    5. Left / Right Block Ratio – define blocks ration to each other