Importing Demo Sliders

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Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to start with an example that’s already built and then modify it. To do that, we can import one of the demo examples available. Here you can download example sliders avialble to import. Here’s a list of the available demos. Click the listed links to see the online demos they correspond to (actual imported content may vary).


To get started, from the plugin’s main admin page, click the Import Slider option:


Next, navigate to the folder where downloaded zip with sample slider located:


After importing the example, you’ll then see the slider listed at the top of the page:


Special Note: If you’ve imported an exported slider you previously created from one domain to another, chances are the slider’s image urls will need to be updated. To do that, visit the slider’s main settings page, and inside the “Import/Export” section, use the tool shown in the following screenshot: