Brands Slider


Brand slider gives you ability to show all store brands or only brands that has products. Brand images located in media/wysiwyg/cartown/brands/.

To configure Brands slider go to NWDthemes > Cartown Theme > Brands Slider.


  • Enable Brands Slider – Enable / Disable Brands Slider
  • Show on – Show slider on all pages or home page only
  • Slider mode – show all brands or only brands with products
  • Brand Attribute – ID of the attribute for brands list. Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes
  • Brand Image Extension – Brand Image Extension
  • Enable Retina Images – Enable / Disable Retina Images for brands. Retina image should be located in the same folder with _x2 ending.
    original = brand.png
    retina = brand_x2.png
  • Slider skin – select slider skin
  • Autoscroll – Change to any integer ( for example 5000 to play every 5 seconds). Set to 0 to disable autoscroll
  • Items to scroll – scroll per item or scroll per page
  • Slide to first item – Slide to first item or stop at last item
  • Slide speed – Slide speed in milliseconds
  • stopOnHover – Stop autoplay on mouse hover