Slider is basically container for banners. You can setup title, number of visible banners and its dimensions, add custom css and setup slider options

Full list of banner slider parameters

  • Slider Data

    • Enabled – Enable / disable slider
    • Alias – Unique slider Alias used in xml layouts and cms shortcodes
    • Title – slider title
    • Show title – show / hide slider title
    • Number of visible banners – how much banners per row in slider
    • Custom CSS – Add custom css to slider to override default css rules.
      Slider class is based on slider alias. If alias = sample, class = .nwd_pb_sample. You can use it to apply custom css for certain slider.

      .nwd_pb_sample .title-wrapper { padding: 30px; }
    • Sort Order – slider sort order
  • Banner dimensions

    • Banner Width – Banner Width. Banner images will be resized to these dimensions.
      Width min/max range: 0 – 1200
    • Banner Height – Banner Height
  • Slider Settings

    • Autoscroll – Change to any integer ( for example 5000 to play every 5 seconds). Set to 0 to disable autoscroll
    • Slide to first item – Slide to first item or stop at last item
    • Slide speed – Slide speed in milliseconds
    • Stop on hover – Stop autoscroll on hover
    • Show navigation arrows – Show / hide navigation arrows
    • Navigation arrows mode – Show arrows permanently or show on hover