CURRENT VERSION: 1.2.1. NOW WITH Security Patch Support !!!
Last Update: 01 November 2015

Magento Testimonials extension add testimonials functionality to your store. Let everyone know what your customers think about your store.

You can add photo, email, website url and rating to your testimonials. Show testimonials on sidebar or separate page. Switch between slideshow and simple list templates. Add testimonials shortcode to any cms block. Control what information you want to show in testimonials block.

Full features list

  • Add testimonials from admin panel
  • Show testimonials block in sidebar
  • Show testimonials on separate page
  • Show testimonials as list or slideshow
  • use shortcode to insert testimonials block in cms static block or page
  • Change status of testimonial elements such as logo, email, website, rating
  • Allow limiting number of words on each testimonials that will be displayed on sidebar.
  • No programming skills required
  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages
  • Easy to install and configure


version 1.2.1
* fixed: shortcode functionality in

version 1.2.0
* added: submit a testimonial feature

* fixed: admin route bug

version 1.1.1
* fixed: admin url bug

version 1.1.0
* remove “inlclude jquery” option from configuration
* update jquery noConflict function to avoid conflict with other jquery libs
* move nwdthemes title to all module

version 1.0.0
* initial release