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CURRENT VERSION: 1.3.1. NOW WITH Security Patch Support !!!
Last Update: 01 November 2015

faq page magento extension - nwdthemes.com

faq page magento extension - nwdthemes.com
faq page magento extension - nwdthemes.com

FAQ Page extension allows you to create separate page with common questions, categorize them, add popular questions,
use magento shortcodes in questions text. Customers get nice page with answers for all common questions.

Customers always have a lot of questions in mind. Do not loose them just because you are not available to answer
these questions immediately. A separate page with Frequently Asked Questions is all you need. FAQ Page extension by
NWDthemes gives you such opportunity.

FAQ page can be created for multi stores and in multi languages. It supports separate Meta keywords and Meta description for FAQ page.
Extension is compatible with Magento Community Editions: 1.9x, 1.8x, 1.7x.

Full features list

  • Separate FAQ page
  • Improves SEO Score
  • Two layouts – list view and collapse view
  • Support of magento shortcodes and widgets
  • Group questions into categories
  • Sort order of categories and questions shown on frontend
  • Show popular questions in sidebar
  • Add FAQ link to top links
  • Multi-store supported
  • No programming skills required
  • Easy to install and configure


version 1.3.1
* fixed: shortcode functionality in

version 1.3.0
* added: Ask a question feature
* added: live search
* added: faq page can be used as specific page in widgets section

* fixed: format layout file

version 1.2.0
* fixed: typo in config file

version 1.1.0
* add option to change faq page url

version 1.0.0
* initial release