GIT: Ignore changes in tracked file

Git Tips & Tricks

I had some experience with GIT, but it was limited to basic things like pull, commit, push. Recently I started working on project which has database configuration file. I needed to modify it, but do not want to commit any changes made. Basically I wanted git to ignore changes in tracked file. My first attempt […]

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Magento 2: Console Commands Shortcuts

Magento Tips & Tricks

You often need to use CLI commands while working with Magento 2. But you might miss the fact that all magento 2 console commands has short form. The nature of these shortcuts comes from Symphony framework used by magento team. Each magento console class that implement command line functionality use Symfony\Component\Console\Command component to implement command […]

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Magento 2 : Product image size and other options

Magento 2 product image size and other image options are defined in <theme_dir>/etc/view.xml. Themes located in app/design/frontend/<Vendor>/ folder. But magento built-in themes can be located in vendor/magento/theme-frontend-<theme_code> when you install it from the composer repository. /etc/view.xml contains images configuration for all storefront product images and thumbnails. This file is required for a theme, but optional […]

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Magento 2 Bundle and Merge JavaScript Modes — Why Better To Enable Separately

Magento 2 Developement

Magento 2 Bundle and Merge JavaScript Modes can improve performance of your eCommerce website dramatically. But should you enable them simultaneously or separately? While supporting our Slider Revolution Extension for Magento 2 we found JavaScript error on clients website. This problem was related to both merge and bundle javascript options enabled. In this configuration slider […]

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Increase PHP memory limit

Php tips & tricks

Sometimes you might get “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of …” PHP error. Usually this means that you run out of memory. It is recommended to double check your code and profile your app with xDebug. It should tell you which function is called how often and how much memory it eats. However, the code […]

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