NWDthemes Support Center

NWDthemes: Company News

NWDthemes Support Center is now available via https://support.nwdthemes.com You do not need to register, just login via Envato API, select product and proceed to ticket creating. Quick and easy! Support hours 10AM – 6PM GMT+1 time, Monday – Friday. The support response time is 24-48 hours. Item support includes: Availability of the author to answer […]

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Magento 2 Language Package Explained

Magento 2 Language Packages

Magento is multi-lingual platform. It helps you to reach customers from different countries. Localization does not require change of codebase. Links to magento 2 language package for multiple languages can be found in the bottom of this article. Typically a developer use translation functionality for one of reasons: localization – exactly when a phrase needs […]

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Magento 2 extensions on github

Magento 2 Extensions Github

Magento Open Source platform, formerly known as Magento Community Edition, has outstanding codebase which allow you to extend almost any part of your store. You can find a lot of really useful free and premium magento extensions which makes store owner life much easier. Github is a great source of free magento 2 extensions. You […]

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Magento License and Trademark

Recenty we run ad campaign on Google Ads and find out that we could not use “magento” word in ad headline or description due to the trademark violation. Another time we tried to push extension to magento marketplace and also got rejected due to “inappropriate uses of Magento trademark”. I’ve also seen a lot of […]

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Slider Revolution: Extended License Price Updated!

Many magento themes sold on ThemeForest come bundled with premium extensions from CodeCanyon. Each bundled extension require extended license. An extensions is an additional component that offers functionality and features beyond a typical Magento installation. Theme authors (who sell the themes) may choose to include certain extensions within their item to add these special functions […]

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Black Friday 2018

The time for huge discounts is coming! NWDthemes launches an event that will be live from 19 Nov 2018 till 25 Nov 2018. We are pleased to announce 50% off on all products! We bring to your attention a list of time-tested and approved by many customers products that has been chosen specifically for this […]

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Magento 2: Console Commands Shortcuts

Magento Tips & Tricks

You often need to use CLI commands while working with Magento 2. But you might miss the fact that all magento 2 console commands has short form. The nature of these shortcuts comes from Symphony framework used by magento team. Each magento console class that implement command line functionality use Symfony\Component\Console\Command component to implement command […]

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Magento 2 Product Sliders Review

Want to implement product slider on your magento 2 store but get lost among the hundreds extensions? We gathered most popular magento 2 product slider extension and compare it by their functionality, price, demo and documentation, supported versions and features list. If your product slider extension is not in the magento 2 product slider review […]

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Product Slider Benefits

Running an online store nowadays is a challenge. Customers will leave the site if it does not immediately show them what they need. A product slider highlights the best goods the web shop offers in a clean and modern way. NWDthemes Magento 2 Product Slider is the best solution to create such product slider. It […]

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