Neural Networks

Сomplete list of Neural networks

A complete list of all available neural networks categorized by images, texts, and sound. Almost all of them are accessible without registration or at least free.

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  1. (image and video generation)
  2. (creates, adds, and completes objects in images)
  3. (creates realistic images in given styles)
  4. (mass image generation and sorting into folders)
  5. (creates high-quality similar portraits)
  7. (nft generator)
  8. (nft art)
  9. (video editing, animation, and 3d modeling)
  10. (surrealistic designs, turns photos into cartoons)
  11. (enter a search term and a spectacular piece of art will be generated)
  12. (generates portraits of non-existent people)
  13. (turns schematic images into works of art)
  14. (draws logos)
  15. (overlays text on portraits)
  16. (removes background from photos)
  17. (colors black and white photos)
  18. (images based on description, no registration required)
  19. (replaces face in photo)
  20. (generates images based on text description, no registration required)
  21. (avatars in various styles, combines images into one, generates based on text description)
  22. (combines styles of different pictures into one)
  23. (images based on sketches and text description)
  24. (animates photos)
  25. (animates sketches and children’s drawings)
  26. and and ( increase image quality )
  27. ( stable diffusion search engine)
  28. (transforms videos into TikToks, reels, and shorts for YouTube)
  29. and (create presentations using images with descriptions)
  30. (an all-in-one platform)
  31. (generates 9 images from 1 image in one click, without registration)
  32. (all-in-one image editing app)
  33. (transforms photos into anime)
  34. (creates website layouts from hand-drawn sketches)
  35. (stylizes photos to look like famous portraits or paintings)
  36. (removes people or objects from images)
  37. (transforms photos into cartoons)

Text and Data

  1. (responds with quotes from books)
  2. (completes text)
  3. (creates quality texts and answers for sales and marketing)
  4. (the best for English correspondence)
  5. (AI translator)
  6. (analytics for social media)
  7. (meaningful texts based on your input)
  8. (quality texts based on the title: essays, articles)
  9. and (very high-quality work with text)
  10. (convenient, short posts and articles, free for 7 days)
  11. (naming, comes up with names for your ideas and businesses based on keywords)

Voice and Sounds

  1. (voiceover by famous people)
  2. (soundscaping for images)
  3. (music generation from text description)
  4. (audio enhancement to studio quality)
  5. (phone call recording to text transcription)
  6. (create your own sounds)
  7. (turn speech into real-time animation)

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