Slider Revolution magento extension FAQ

How to Uninstall Slider Revolution Magento 2 Extension

In this guide you will learn how to uninstall Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension.

Remove Module Files

In order to uninstall Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension you need to remove this module folder completely:


If you don’t have other modules from the NWDthemes vendor such as Magento 2 Product Slider extension or Magento 2 Admin Theme – you need to remove NWDthemes Base module as well:


Actually if you have only Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension module from the NWDthemes vendor – you can remove Nwdthemes folder completely:


Remove Module Config

Then edit this config file:


And remove the following line from there:

'Nwdthemes_Revslider' => 1,

If you don’t have other NWDthemes modules such as PowerBanners for Magento 2 or Magento 2 Email Templates – you can remove NWDthemes Base module line as well:

'Nwdthemes_Base' => 1,

Remove Module Tables from the Database

Drop all modules tables from the database. They all start with the following prefix: nwdthemes_revslider_:


Remove Setup Module Entry from the Database

Run the following queries on your database to remove the Slider Revolution Magento 2 module entry from there:

DELETE FROM `setup_module` WHERE `module` = 'Nwdthemes_Revslider';

If this is the only module from NWDthemes company and you don’t have Magento 2 Customer Attributes or Magento 2 Login As Customer installed – run the following query to remove the Base module entry as well:

DELETE FROM `setup_module` WHERE `module` = 'Nwdthemes_Base';

Remove the Module Media Content Folder

You can remove the folder with media uploads from the Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension. Just make sure that you don’t need any images from there anymore. Then simply remove this folder:


Uninstall Complete!

That’s it – Magento 2 Slider Revolution extension have been removed from your Magento 2 store.

Now you can read the article about how to install Magento 2 Slider Revolution extension.

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