Slider Revolution 6

Slider Revolution 6 Sneak Peek

While we are working on slider revolution 6 for magento – Themepunch team already release Slider Revolution WordPress 6.0.4 version. It has completely redesigned interface and a lot of new features. Creating professional looking slider with no coding experience has never been easier. Sliders & carousels, hero headers, content modules, you can even create full website. No need to say that slider support videos / images from all popular social media feeds.

Whats new in Slider Revolution 6?

Visual Editor

Editor was updated with a new eye friendly dark UI. Optimized editor has all options categorized intuitively, so you can work faster. Start guide will take you thru the setup steps. Live help mode allow you to hover any option and get a detailed explanation.

  • Better usability
  • Work faster & more efficient
  • Eye friendly dark UI
  • Improved loading times


Animation now support keyframes. In other words, single layer can have multiple animation steps instead of just in / out animation. Revolution slider presets and easing types allow you to create different animation effects.

  • Easy to understand structure
  • In-depth animation settings
  • New easing types
  • New animation presets

New content

A large selection of high quality content for you enhance your web projects. Over 200+ beautiful templates in online library with one-click installation. You can choose the right template for every occasion among simple headers, full websites and special FX templates.

Object library with with background images, videos, icons, premade layer groups. Royalty free media assets offers something for every need. Just point, click and publish your new content!

20+ powerful addons included. Amaze you visitors with different effects. Before & After add seamless trasition between two content levels. Particles allows highly customizable particle effect on the top of slider. Distortion add liquid-type effects on your background images. Paintbrush revolution slider addon reveal images with mouse interaction. Explore all addons.

Documentation & Support

Support center also has a new design. Comprehensive FAQs, detailed and structured documentation sections, lots of slider revolution tutorials and constantly updated content allow you to find a solution you are looking for!
Highly qualified support team is working in all time zones to deliver fast and competent help. Response time below industry average.

More Versions

Revolution slider build for different platforms. A variaty of versions start from plain revolution slider jquery to complex revolution slider joomla & revolution slider opencart extensions.

jQuery Visual Editor

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