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Magento 2: Console Commands Shortcuts

You often need to use CLI commands while working with Magento 2. But you might miss the fact that all magento 2 console commands has short form. The nature of these shortcuts comes from Symphony framework used by magento team. Each magento console class that implement command line functionality use Symfony\Component\Console\Command component to implement command line features. According to Symphony documentation – “You do not have to type out the full command names. You can just type the shortest unambiguous name to run a command”.

Frequently Used Magento 2 Console Commands Shortcuts

1. Setup Upgrade Command Line

2. Cache Command Line

3. Static Content Deploy Using Command Line

4. Reindexing Using Command Line

5. Modules Command Line

Full shortcuts list –
Complete CLI commands list – Magento 2 Command-Line Interface (CLI) Commands List

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