Magento Essential Grid 2.2.5 Released

Today we have released version 2.2.5 of Magento Essential Grid extension – best tool for creating product, images or any kind of listings and presenting it to customer in exciting eye catching grid with stunning animation and hover effects.

In new version of Magento Essential Grid extension we have improved products quality and added some new features to help you in making your Magento store better and increasing your sales.

Let’s take a quick tour on new features of Magento Essential Grid extension.

We have added YouTube no cookie url option so you can use YouTube videos and follow GDPR Policy

Added options to use more icon fonts – Font Awesome and PE Stroke 7 for you to have more freedom iconizing your items and buttons.

Now you have control over product based grid to include or exclude out of stock products to be more flexible in creating product lists.

At least we have fixed add bulk images feature in custom grids so now you can add any number of items there just with few clicks.

And we remember that mobile traffic is the king. So we have added feature to convert inline filters to dropdowns on mobile – this will increase usability of your store for mobile users for sure.

We all love Instagram! So we have updated Instagram stream based gids to give you even more options there. Want to have grid from mixed search results or from multiple accounts? Not a problem anymore. New version of Magento Essential Grid extension can do it and you have to try it!

Lightbox have resigned! Now we have new FancyBox 3 for images preview and it have a lot of cool features: zoom/pan images, button options, new content display animations and of cause improved mobile display and mobile usability!

Here you can check full list of updates in version 2.2.5 of Magento Essential Grid extension:

New Features:

  • Added Global Option for usage YouTube NoCookie URLs
  • Added the ability disable the initial “start” animation
  • Added new “start” animation options
  • Added new option to animate the grid when scrolled it’s into view
  • Added new option to convert inline filters to dropdown on mobile
  • Upgraded default Lightbox to FancyBox 3 which include:
    • Ability to display a Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, SoundCloud & iFrame
    • Improved Mobile Display and Mobile Usability
    • Deep Linking for sharing Lightbox content
    • Ability to zoom/pan images at their original size
    • New button option to allow for image downloads
    • New content display animations
  • Upgraded Instagram Integration:
    • Added new Instagram Searches Tag(s), Location/Places
    • Added new Instagram Mix Search Results
    • Added new Instagram possibility to add multiple users, tags, places
    • Added new optional Icon Fonts Font-Awesome, PE Stroke 7
  • Added funtionality to complete the sentence in the excerpt/content after x minumum words
  • Added share links for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest (Skin Editor)
  • Added Featured Grid Meta Option to replace the Featured Image of Posts with an Essential Grid
  • Added Filter Deeplinking Functionality (https://page_with_essgrid_url#filter_slug)
  • Added “No Filter Match” Text Global Option
  • Added Max Products in Preview option for large blogs
  • Added Button to find downloadable skins in Import/Export page
  • Added option to include or exclude out of stock products in product based grid


  • Reorganized custom grid item dialog for better usability
  • “Hide markups before load” option is now deprecated
  • Start and filter animation options are now separated
  • Improved “esskill” API cleanup
  • Media Filters can now be turned off to clean up the backend (via Global Settings)
  • String links in Social Stream Contents are now converted to real HTML links
  • Icon Font loading is now optional
  • FullScreen button added to embedded YouTube videos
  • Not usable Filter/Search fields not in the frontend output (for Stream and Gallery sources)
  • Not usable Filter/Search fields not in the backend “Available Modules” (for Stream and Gallery sources)
  • Removed admin page redirect on new grid creation
  • Moved admin/images controller to admin/esgimages controller


  • Fixed “Overwrite Existing” option for imported grids
  • Fixed Layers missing for split items with video
  • Fixed issue with Cookies when multiple grids are used
  • Fixed custom meta not working as navigation filters
  • Multi-select custom meta now sanitized for navigation filters
  • Fixed alternative image size issue for lightbox
  • Fixed Pagination Arrows for multiple grids
  • Fixed “Content Push” option not working in some cases
  • Fixed Facebook Stream lightbox image sizing
  • Fixed lightbox preview
  • Adapted to new Instagram API result format
  • Fixed Lightbox Post Content special character issue
  • Fixed “TypeError: e.container.find(…).esgbox is not a function”
  • Fixed Lightbox “Content Gallery” option
  • Fixed Grid Creation Ajax Error message upon multiple save
  • Fixed older PHP compatability (“Fatal Error” messages)
  • Fixed HTML5 Audio source compatibility for Safari
  • Fixed Disable Lightbox option in Global Settings
  • Fixed missing essgrid_get_posts filter
  • Fixed Limited Custom Grid Items
  • Fixed Twitter image / text issues with extended tweets
  • Fixed Instagram dates displaying current system date instead of photo creation date
  • Fixed links over layers getting broken when HTML Link was inside this layer’s content
  • Removed create_function() calls to gain compatibility with latest PHP version
  • Fixed issue with mailto links in Meta fields
  • Fixed Video Media Poster fetching non-https images
  • Fixed Custom CSS class names for skins
  • Fixed some imported grids missing a default source type
  • Fixed double-lightbox issue
  • Fixed hover animation for McKinley and Taft skins
  • Fixed Instagram Title issue
  • Fixed Skin Editor Styling issue
  • Fixed Color Picker Styling issue
  • Fixed Load More feature on front end
  • Fixed preview of product based grids in admin panel
  • Fixed bug with default sorting by price
  • Fixed problem with display of loading animation when filtering items
  • Fixed custom grid images display with http protocol on front end
  • Fixed adding bulk images to Custom Grid
  • Fixed images url in multistore installation

We have done lot of updates in this version and will be working on doing more. And what we love more than releasing quality Magento extensions? To hear your feedback and proposals of making them even greater!

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