Update of Magento Slider Revolution Magento 2.2 Compatibility, New Feature and Bugfixes

Yesterday, 22nd of November 2017 — we have released the new version of Magento 1 and Magento 2 Slider Revolution Extension. In this update of Magento Slider Revolution we resolved compatibility issues with new 2.2+ versions of Magento 2 platform, added new feature and of cause patches & fixes for bugs we have done in previous update.


New update makes it really stable and smooth with new Magento 2.2 and there is no compilation errors or javascript errors in backend that was making you sad in previous version. We strongly recommend to upgrade to this one if you are using Magento 2.2.0 and higher.

New Feature

As per multiple requests from our valuable customers we have added Access Permissions controls for slider. Now you can restrict or allow access to your sliders for different customers group or not logged in customers. This feature is available in Slider Settings page under Access Permissions section:

This feature will be useful if you have sliders with offers available for different groups of customers. Or if you are using slider to create instructions or tutorials that can vary depending of customer account type.

Don’t hesitate to contact us you have your own genius or crazy feature request for Magento Slider Revolution extension. Maybe your feature will appear in next update. Try it! You never know, you might be lucky.

Change Log

And here is the complete list of changes in update of Magento Slider Revolution:

New Features:

  • Added slider Access Permissions by Customer User Group options to Slider Settings


  • Added “playsinline” support for Safari 11 video


  • Fixed Instagram API issue
  • Fixed Vimeo autoplay issue
  • Fixed muted YouTube playing brief sound issue
  • Fixed javascript error in import slider dialog

Magento 1 Bugfixes:

  • Fixed problem with caching and ssl connection on some server configurations
  • Fixed javascript error in import slider dialog

Magento 2 Bugfixes:

  • Fixed add slide to user templates feature
  • Fixed preview of uploaded slide thumbnail image
  • Fixed import slide from template in slide editor
  • Fixed backend JavaScript errors in production mode
  • Fixed backend JavaScript errors in Merge with Bundling JavaScript mode
  • Fixed insert image from Image Gallery feature
  • Fixed DOM validation exception in slider widget
  • Fixed bug in slider import and other places where std class was missing namespace

Stay tuned for next updates and have a huge success in upcoming Black Friday sale!

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