New Updates in Magento Revolution Slider

Today we have released new version of Magento Revolution Slider Extension. Fresh versions of both Magento Slider and Magento 2 Slider are available to grab at CodeCanyon already.

This update adds new Add-Ons and fixes known issues from previous version as well as improves performance and stability of app.

So let’s unbox this update.

In this version we present you 3 new Add-Ons and new related slider templates based on this Add-Ons:

Before-After Add-On

Create comparison slides to demonstrate before and after images of your works or improvements in your life. It allows to manually scroll both versions and position items comparison draggable line vertically or horizontally.

Panorama 360 Add-On

With this Add-On you can show 360 panorama views of streets, apartments and nature. User can customize panorama angle and zoom and navigate using mouse drag and drop. Must have one of real estate or booking e-commerce websites.

Weather Add-On

With this Add-On you can show location based weather info to your visitors in nice and clean way. You may find this one useful for travel agencies or outdoor events websites.

Also this upgrade eliminates couple of issues raised in previous release, updated Google Fonts list and improved loading of template slider images from remote server.

Here you can see complete list of changes in Magento Revolution Slider Extension for Magento and Magento 2:

Common Updates:

– New Features:

* Added Weather Add-On
* Added Panorama 360 Add-On
* Added Before & After Add-On

– Changes:

* Replaced jQuery(document).on(‘ready’, ) with jQuery(document).ready()
* Improved first time loading of template slider images
* Updated Google Fonts list

– Bugfixes:

* Added missing images to export to HTML
* Fixed update Add-Ons feature
* Fixed add video button text and problem with opening add video dialog
* Fixed bug with uploading slide thumbnails
* Fix for color picker bug when color is 6 digit number without hash
* Fix export to HTML for resources declared in json attributes
* Removed WP Meta Generator tag
* Fixed Color Picker PHP bug caused in old PHP versions
* Fixed problem with names of CSS styles starting with number

Magento Revolution Slider Updates:

– Changes:

* Improved caching performance
* Moved static styles to head on front end.

– Bugfixes:

* Fixed bug with installing Add-Ons
* Fix for duplicated initiation of Add-on scripts

Magento 2 Revolution Slider Updates:

– Changes:

* Changed attr(‘checked’) to prop(‘checked’) for jQuery migrate
* Removed not applicable Put JS to Body option from Slider Settings

– Bugfixes:

* Fixed javascript error and z-index problem in Slide Editor font selector
* Fixed bug with Add Slide from Template feature
* Fixed bug with touch swipe on front end
* Fixed problem when other jQuery lib included in head
* Fixed z-index problem of save CSS menu
* Fix for problem with caching and option for disable slider on mobile
* Changed block type for slider head includes
* Removed old unused template reference from layout

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