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How to install Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension

In this guide you will learn how to install Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension. For this operation we will need our extension package and shell access to server with your Magento 2 installation.

First you need to upload extension files to the root of your Magento 2 e-commerce installation. Once uploaded you will see extension files are located at /app/code/Nwdthemes/Revslider folder.

Next let’s do some Magento 2 shell command magic. If need more details on those commands you can always check detailed cheat sheet of Magento 2 shell commands.

And here we go:

1. Install extension module:

php /magento2path/bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. If you are in production mode (compilation enabled) need to run compilation:

php /magento2path/bin/magento setup:di:compile

3. Deploy static content:

php /magento2path/bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

4. Clean cache

php /magento2path/bin/magento cache:clean

Tada! Now Slider Revolution module is available in your Magento 2 backend.

Thanks for reading our guide. Now you know how to install Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension. You can also learn how to uninstall Magento 2 extension. Just kidding. You do not want to uninstall this one 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to install Slider Revolution Magento 2 extension

  1. good afternoon,
    i’m running the slider on magento 2.3.3 and I have an issue with Alt Tag attribute.
    Google Lighthouse audit is always picking up that an image in Slider module is missing alt tag.
    Exact error description: Image attributes do not have [alt] attributes

    the problem is that all images in source code have alt tag assigned.

    Any idea why has googles’ Lighthouse an issue with Slider module?

    Thank you.
    Kind regards,

  2. I’m creating a slider with expiration date and time. Once the time expires, I can still see the slider in the home page. Is there any option to make it dynamic, given the time expires, the slide should be avoided

    • Hi

      There was a bug with “Visible From” – “Visible To” settings. It was fixed in one of previous releases. So first try to download latest version from Codecanyon and install it.
      If it does not help – please create a ticket at our Support Center ( ) and a member of our team will attend to you asap!

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