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CodeCanyon Extended Support FAQ

The Program

In September of 2015, CodeCanyon (aka “Envato”, aka “ThemeForest”), launched a new program for support:

and followed this up with an additional announcement here:

and an official policy here:

What this means for customers who are part of the NWDthemes family:

Extended Support is not related to your Usage License

When you purchase a product from CodeCanyon, what you’re really purchasing is a license to use the product. And this license grants you the right to use the product on one website.

There are no time limitations attached to your Usage License. It will never expire, which means you will never need to purchase an additional License as long as the product is being used on a single website as per the official license agreement.

Extended Support is not related to your ability to receive updates.

If your support period has expired, you will still receive updates normally as long as you are a Direct Buyer.

How can I purchase Extended Support?

Easy. Visit your CodeCanyon Downloads page and click the “Extend now” or “Renew Support now!” link.

Have a question about the policy itself, or an issue with your purchase?

Visit CodeCanyon’s official Buyer & Support page:

or contact CodeCanyon directly here:

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