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Magento 2 Release Date

Magento 2 release date was announced in Imagine 2015. Magento Merchant GA should be released in Q4 of 2015.

Here is the complete list of magento 2 roadmap milestones.

Magento 2 release date

Current available release is Magento 2 Merchant Beta. As it is stated on magento blog – this release is pretty close to Magento 2 GA. GA version should be released later this year.

Notable improvements are:
– significant performance improvement
– Full page caching for Community Edition
– base responsive design
– switching from Prototype to jQuery
– Reduced JS code calls on frontend
– checkout improvements
– standalone database for order management and checkout
– customizable admin grid
– Zend framework upgrade (1.12.3)
– native support for Solr (EE only)

What’s next after Magento 2.0 is released?
– Extended API coverage
– Staging and preview functionality for Magento sites (something that isn’t always possible on a live Magento site).
– New search functionality (because this can always be improved)
– Improved CMS (perhaps to make it easier to work with a.k.a. WordPress CMS)
– Multi-warehouse support (Magento does not natively allow you to keep track of items in multiple warehouses)

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