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Magento Extensions Updates

Constantly working on improving user experience of our clients we glad to inform about new Magento extensions updates.

Slider Revolution Magento Extension Updates

We’ve found and eliminated couple of minor problems reported by our customers:

  • fixed: Fix for line ending character convert issue in preview.
  • fixed: Fix for warning on create new template slider.
  • fixed: Fix for pagination bug on sliders page.
  • fixed: Fix for override font size in p tag of text layers.

Next version with great improvements to user interface of Slider Revolution Extension is in progress now and we can’t wait to release it to the world.

Wunderadmin Magento Admin Theme Extension

In recent update we’ve fixed some minor issues with support of popular third party Magento extensions and added new feature by advice of our client.

  • added: Added toggable navigation in Modern theme.
  • fixed: IWD module support bug fix.

Now in Modern Theme of Wunderadmin Magento Admin Skin you can toggle sidebar navigation menu to be displayed always or be hidden and display on hover to improve usability and save workspace area on small resolution screens.

Whats next?

We will be glad to hear and implement your requests on our present and future products. Please advice us what you want to see next:

  • New Magento extension you need
  • New feature in one of our present products
  • New Magento Theme from NWDthemes
  • New Wunderadmin Magento Themes and Skins

Feel free to email us at nwdthemes@gmail.com or contact us in our Twitter or Facebook

NWDthemes Team

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