Sales Magic — Sales Booster Free Magento Extension

We glad to introduce and share with you the Sales Magic — free Magento extension that will boost your sales into the space. This is masterpiece mix of nanotechnologies, modern secret digital knowledge and ancient voodoo art.

How It Works

This extension uses secret technologies to manipulate and filter traffic and data of your Magento store. It adds more positive energy energy to bytes of your code and convert them into the brain waves that affect users minds. And even more – those waves are spread through all internet to reach people who don’t visited your website yet. The magic frontend part of application is written in ancient alchemy programming language with nanocode invisible to regular code editors.

This extension consist of three modules, each of them can give you great improve in sales. But best effect achieved when they work all together. Lets see how they work.

Conversion Increaser

Positive brain waves generated by our extension hypnotize visitors of your website to do more purchases. It can increase your conversion ratio up to 50%. Please note that power of this module depends of stars position and moon phase. So it can be even greater. Be aware that your store inventory can run out of stock. Be prepared to it.

Traffic Attractor

Part of positive traffic is sent through internet to reach every device connected to network. Once person get in range of this device he will start to be attracted to visit your website and buy something.

Competitors Beater

This module involves some voodoo art. When generating positive energy our extension is filtering negative or dark bytes from your data. If you enable Competitors Beater module those dark data will be forwarded to competitors websites. The results can vary. It can be increase of fraud activity, decrease in Google search positions, server downtime or even hardware failure.


1. Download Sales Magic Free Magento Extension
2. Backup store files and the store database.
3. Disable compilation mode in System > Tools > Compilation.
4. Disable Magento cache – Cache Management
5. Log out from magento admin panel ( if you logged in ). This step is required to reset magento access control cache
6. Unzip extension package
7. Navigation into /salesmagic_v1_0 folder
8. Upload content of /salesmagic_v1_0 to your magento root directory.


You can control extension modules in NWDThemes > Sales Magic > Configuration
There you can enable or disable this extension or its separate modules. Icons of enabled modules will be displayed in right top corner of your Magento dashboard.

Sales Magic Free Magento Extension Dashboard Screen

Hope you will like our Sales Magic free Magento extension and will get great improvement in your sales. Just please be aware of incredible power of this tool and use it responsibly.

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