Powerbanners - responsive banner slider magento extension FAQ

HTML structure of single banner

Powerbanners is a responsive banner slider magento extension.

Standard markup of single banner with image and two lines of text.

<a href="http://nwdthemes.com" class="powerbanner-wrapper">
    <span class="title-wrapper bottom-left">
        <span class="title nwd_pb_style_1">DONT STOP</span>
        span class="title title-2 nwd_pb_style_4">STAND UP</span>
    <img src="http://demo.nwdthemes.com/media/nwdthemes/powerbanners/370x200/scottwills_crayons.jpg" data-retina="http://demo.nwdthemes.com/media/nwdthemes/powerbanners/740x400/scottwills_crayons_1.jpg" alt="">

As you can see main wrapper is A with class=powerbanner-wrapper.

Titles is wrapped in title-wrapper element. You can use it to add padding to titles.

And main element of banner – img element. If you have uploaded retina image – image tag will have data-retina attribute. Image source will be swapped for retina screens

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