Powerbanners - responsive banner slider magento extension FAQ

How to add Powerbanners to category page

Powerbanners is a responsive banner slider magento extension.

If you want to use Powerbanners for certain category – it is pretty easy to achieve it with custom layout update. You need to perform following steps:

1. Login to admin panel
2. Navigate to Catalog > Categories
3. Select category you want to update
4. Switch to Custom Design tab and update Custom Layout Update field with following code:

Powerbanners category sample

If you want to override slider parameters like hide title or display navigation arrows on hover, you can update block xml with following code

Full list of overridable options

setShowTitle – show / hide slider title.
setAutoscroll – update autoscroll option.
setScrollItems – scroll per item or per page
setRewind – stop on last item or return to first item
setSlideSpeed – set slide animation speed
setStopOnHover – should slider stop on mouse over
setNavigation – show / hide navigation arrows
setNavigationMode – show navigation arrows always or only on mouse over.

You can also check Parameters you can override in shortcode for correct values of overridable parameters.

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