Powerbanners - responsive banner slider magento extension FAQ

How to add padding to banner title

Powerbanners is a responsive banner slider magento extension.

By default banner title has no padding. However, you can adjust banner css to add padding to title.

Default banners look

Powerbanners sample - title without padding

Banners with title padding

Powerbanners sample - title with padding

If you want to add padding to banner title you need to perform following steps:

1. Login to admin
2. Navigate to NWDthemes > Powerbanners > Banner Sliders
3. Select slider to adjust
4. Insert following code into Custom CSS field

#nwd_pb_sample .title-wrapper { padding: 30px; }

Please note that we use nwd_pb_sample as slider ID. Slider ID is based on slider alias. If alias = sample, id = #nwd_pb_sample.
You can use id apply custom css for certain slider.

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