Wunderadmin Color Scheme Downloads

Here you can download additional Color Schemes for Wunderadmin Magento Extension


America Beautiful Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Wunderadmin Magento admin theme - America Beautiful color scheme

Tribute to 4th July USA Independence Day. Add American passion to your Magento Admin Panel with this patriotic America Beautiful admin color scheme.

Download America Beautiful color scheme


Patrick’s Gold Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Tribute to St. Patrick’s Day. This green lucky color scheme for Magento Admin Theme will bring you more gold.

Wunderadmin Magento admin theme - Patrick's Gold color scheme

Download Patrick’s Gold color scheme


Spring Vibes Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Bright positive color scheme, works best with Clean Blue and Modern Green themes


Download Spring Vibes color scheme


Ocean Fire Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Clean warm colored scheme, great for Modern Green and Clean Blue themes


Download Ocean Fire color scheme


Orange Rum Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Dark contrast color scheme, looks nice on Modern Green theme


Download Orange Rum color scheme


Dark Hive Wunderadmin Color Scheme

Dark colored scheme, fits best with Clean Blue theme


Download Dark Hive color scheme

To install and use these color shchemes you need to improve design of your Magento admin panel with Wunderadmin Magento Admin Theme Extension.

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